Friday, January 3, 2014

Week 1 Continued

Notes from a snail mail letter sent December 7, 2013:
"After our P-day was over we got changed back into proselyting clothes and went to dinner.  After dinner we went into additional study time with our District.  We started off with a song and Elder Torgenson (an Elder in our District) say the prayer.  It was long and so what we needed to hear.  Then we separated into companionships.  Sister Livingstone and I went off to talk about our investigator, Terry.  We talked about what he needed to hear.  It was wonderful.  At the end of study we all came back together and everyone was way pumped up.  It was amazing!
Today we were learning a lot of different things and when our time came again to teach Terry I got the impression to teach him about prayer and the love of God.  And the lesson went amazing. We even got him to pray.  I just hope that he continues to pray.  I'm excited to get to know what the Spirit wants us to teach him and what he needs to know!  This work is amazing!  I doubt myself and my abilities sometimes, but I just need to start to love the investigators and God will help me know what to study.  As in 'Ender's Game', when you know enough about your enemy to kill them, you love them.  This is an amazing work.  I challenge you to pray more sincerely and with your whole heart and I promise you that God will answer your prayers."
Love Sister Brooksby

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