Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Miss Independent....

"Miss independent, miss self-sufficient, miss keep your distance. Miss unafraid, miss out of my way, miss don't let a man interfere. No, miss on her own, miss almost grown, miss never let a man help her off her throne."

Well, for those that read this blog (when I even post) and want to know what I am doing with my life right now, well....I have no clue. Yes, I am lost and am roaming this land with the need of a LOT of help from those around me. I am staying in Florida and working as a seasonal cast member while I wait for my real life to begin. I am homeless and I sleeping on my friend's couch for a month before I get an apartment with a random girl that can't move out till February. I have discovered that I am a really independent person and I foresee that this next month will be oh so hard for me to coop with. I am going to need a lot of help through this month from people, and I am not used to asking for so much. I will be learning a lot about myself through this process. This self-discovery thing is a lot harder then I wanted. I know the things that I want, but they are so far out of my reach that I am no where close to getting them then I was when I was ten. So, as the song I quoted at the beginning states, I am Miss Independent.