Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 4

December 31, 2013
 This week flew by.  I don't know where the hours went.  I was sick for a little bit of it, but the one day where I felt like curling in a ball and sleeping all day we had two of the Elders come give me a blessing.  Elder Keyes and Elder Scott.  They were awesome.  I am blessed to have such worthy priesthood holders around.  It was so awesome, that after the blessing closed, I felt the cloudiness of my mind go away.  I felt much better.  I still have a runny nose from it, but it was a blessing to be able to go about my day with nothing but a runny nose when that morning I felt like crap!  The gospel is true.:)
We have a baptism on Saturday!  This guy is amazing!  His name is Drake and he is only 15.  I only came in to teaching him the last little bit, but he has been ready for a long time.  The only hang up is his mom wanted to wait till the new year.  We met with him on the 21st and he said he wanted to be baptized yesterday!  It is awesome.  He just soaks up all that we tell him, grinning the whole time!
We are also  teaching Nolan.  I think I've told you about him and his mom.  They are awesome.  Nolan has trouble staying focused, but when he is paying attention he just soaks up and retains so much.  I love teaching him.  His mom is awesome, but talks a lot, so we end up being there a long time, but that is okay.  We had to push back him baptism because they have been sick and we haven't been able to get in and teach very much, but it is probably for the best.  Maybe his dad will come now that we pushed it back.  His dad is very inactive:(
Sis. Newcomer and I have changed a few things about how we work.  With having 9 wards to work in, it was hard to build member trust with the old way of doing thins, so I hope this new way works or at least points us in a way that will work.  I can not stress more on how important the members are!  In this highly populated state it is hard to find someone to teach without the help of the members.  For a while in the past I kept thinking I should be a better member missionary, but never acted upon it.  Now seeing things from this side of things I am getting a nice kick in the rear. Heavenly Father knows me better then I ever will.
 I invite everyone to pray and fast this upcoming week for a missionary opportunity.  there is always work to be done.  Less actives to invite back to the knowledge, new converts to befriend, friends and acquaintances to talk to about the wonderfulness of this gospel!
I know for a fact that Joseph Smith was called of God to bring the truth back to this earth in these the latter days!  The gospel that was on the earth while Jesus Christ was here has been restored.  We have tangible proof of that.  The Book of Mormon!  As we read the Book of Mormon we will come to know God and Jesus Christ better.  This fact alone testifies that there is no other way but that Joseph was called by God to be a prophet in this dispensation!  I love this gospel and all that it has shone me.  I have learned so much of the love God has for me and everyone on this earth in the short time I have been on my mission!  I promise, as you pray to God, read the Book of Mormon and go the church you will know too of the amazing truth this gospel holds!
I love you all!!  Smile, and be true to yourself and God.
Love Sis. Kimberly Brooksby

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