Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 3

December 24, 2013
"Well I am now actually in my mission!  The last few days at the MTC were crazy!  Great Sunday and devotionals!
I am now in Syracuse.  I am over the Syracuse South Stake, which has 9 wards.  It is proving to be crazy.  My Companion is Sister Newcomer.  We joke that we need to switch name tags, because I am the new comer.  She has been out for almost 9 months!  She is from Pennsylvania, so she is more used to the cold weather than I am.  We are in such a small area that we are a bike area, but in the winter we walk and/or get rides from the members.  It is interesting to try and find out where I am and which ward I am in.  Whenever I go into a house and then come out I am so lost that there has been multiple times where Sis. Newcomer has not been paying attention and we have walked the wrong way for a while, and I go willingly because I have no clue where I am.  It will come soon (hopefully).  My prep day is Tuesday.  And the best part of that is that we get to go to the temple once a month on p-day!!!  I am so excited!  We get to go to the Logan Temple on Jan 14th!  The day after my birthday!  What a great birthday present!  And the day before my birthday I get to give a talk in the South Bluff ward.
This area has been a little 'dead' so there is not very many people we are teaching, but there are a few less active families that we are trying to get back to work.  We did have a baptism for a cute girl named Paxton King.  She is 21.  Her story is awesome.  It is Sis. Newcomer's miracle.  It was a great baptismal service.  We also have two baptisms on Jan. 4th.  One is a young man who is 16.  He has been ready for a long time, but his mom won't let him get baptized until the new year.  So the 4th it is!  The other is a 9 year old boy.  His mom wants the kids to be in charge of their baptism so she waits until they turn 9 and ask to take the missionary discussions so they can know for sure that they want to be baptized.  The dad is not active and a little rude to them as they try to go to church.  But the mom is so spiritual.  She is amazing!  I met her my first day in the field and when I was hugging her goodbye she whispered something in my ear that was amazing!  I am so glad for her.  This last Sunday the family came to church!  It was so good to see them there!  We hope we can get all the discussions before Jan. 4th!
Well, tomorrow is Christmas and I get to Skype with you!  My companion and I are going over to a members house to use their computer.  I am so excited to see you!  Love you all!"

Lucy, the dog we live with.  We live in the top floor with a family.  The family is in England for a year, but the oldest daughter lives in the basement and is going to school.  So I have a dog on my mission!

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