Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quarter Century Lesson: No Green Thumb.

For the month of February I tried to grow lettuce.
 It all started with a Relief Society activity on emergency preparedness. We learned about 72 hour kits and being prepared for different events. Sister Bobbie Brooks taught us about growing different plants and she brought in lettuce she grown over the last month and gave us a package of seeds so we could do the same. This inspired me. I went to the store and bought dirt (all the free stuff was under a few feet of snow) and came home and started my own pot of lettuce. 
 It started off great! I was actually growing my very own food for the first time! I was so excited. This is what it was like after only five days.
... and that was also as good as it got. :( 
 I went to California for a few days and had my roommate look after it. When I got back it hadn't grown much more. I kinda was worried. It was growing mostly on one side so I tried to pull some plants to make room for the others to grow, but that didn't work. This is what it looks like today, almost a month after I planted it. Sad and depressing. 
I am not sure if it didn't get enough sun or water, or if all the plants growing on one side was the problem of me not being successful. There are a lot of different things that could have gone wrong. 
So, I guess I just don't have a green thumb, better luck next time. This is not the last time I will plant something. Lesson learned, but next time I will do things differently.  :)