Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nerd-tastic Halloween!

 So this Halloween I had to work, but luckily a friend was having a party the night before Halloween. I didn't know what to go as, so I went as myself, A Nerd!
I was decked out with the taped glasses, pens in the pocked, jumper, backpack, high socks that one is higher then the other, tennis shoes and to top it all off a sideways ponytail! It was awesome! 
Here I am with a few friends at the party. This picture you can see my outfit the best.

During the night I took of my backpack and we came up with this idea...
Of course some one had to fallow the sign :(
Michelle and I in our costume. Both of our costumes we based of our glasses! She saw her's at Wal-Mart and I had old sunglasses with pop out lens. We think alike. So, we had to take a picture together with our glasses! 
Kate was Jack Sparrow with all the eyes! it was so creepy to look at her sometimes!
Dance party!
funking group picture!
Great party! Best costume I've done yet!