Sunday, December 13, 2009

Flower Week

To start off I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, they were taken from my camera phone.

A week ago I was at my sisters and I saw this flower on a hair clip so I put it into my hair. I took it and got so many compliments for it that I wanted to wear it the next day too. I thought that it would be fun to wear it for a week in a different way. so here they are, my week of flowers.



Wednesday (on this day I was running to class and when I got there I noticed that the flower was gone! I was so sad. On the way home I looked everywhere for it! I couldn't find it. My next class was canceled so I went to the store and got the things to make and exact duplicate of it so my sister would never find out that I lost it. I succeeded in making a great copy of it. you can hardly tell. Later that day I get a text from my friend that she had something to show me. So after all my classes she came over and made me close my eyes. When I opened them she had my lost flower in he hair! I was so surprised! I showed her the one I made and she said I was impatient. well in the end I gave her the flower that she found since I had a new one to give to my sister.




Finial Project: GAME CAKE!!!

By popular request here is some pictures of my final project for my cake decorating class. I have a digital rendition of it that I created before I started that I wanted put up but it is one my computer that hates me. The game is dedicated to games. The top layer is operation, the middle is twister, the bottom is LIFE. With out further ado, here we are,

  Here I am with my cake, it was REALLY heavy!

My roommates love it! They couldn't stop trying to eat it. I took the cake to my Bishop's house where my FHE group and my another FHE group meet. Needless to say, but everyone loved it! it turned out great!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Smore Cake

Ok, so my computer is not working and I have not been able to post in a long time even though I have some really great ideas! I am just doing a quick post for now. I am doing great and school is awesome!

In the beginning of the semester I went on a date with my guy friend (who is now going to marry my roommate) and we made smores and had TONS of fun! After that I told him I would make a cake in the shape of a smore, so his birthday is tomorrow but we through a party for him on Saturday and I made the cake! It turned out so good. Very fattening, but so yummy! I used yellow cake for the gram crackers, brownies for the chocolate and 7 Minute Frosting (that tastes like marshmallows) for the marshmallow. And here it is!!! doesn't it look great!?

Here is Andrew with his cake! He loved it so much!