Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quarter Century Lessons: Beauty from Pain

I am a quarter of a century old now. I can hardly believe it. It seems like just last week I was graduating high school and going off to college. Time flies when your having fun! Well for my 25th year I have set out to do a list of 25 things. On that list was to learn something each month and document it. So here is where I will document it. :) (I knew this blog would come in handy one day.) Well seeing as January is almost over I guess it is time to post about my learning experience for this month. This month was not what I had in mind when I said learn something, but a last God has a funny way of making us eat our words sometimes.

On the eve of my birthday my roommate Sarah and I went down to Denver to go to the Worlds Largest rodeo. It was truly amazing and with lots of hot cowboys. On our way home my tire hit some snow and I lost control of the car. We did a 180 and ran into the guard rail. We were okay, but my car did not make it. It was totaled. Needless to say I was depressed on my birthday and a few days after it. I have since learned the fallowing... Firstly, People are truly amazing. I have encountered so many people that have been willing to help me without any though for themselves. Namely my branch president and his son, my friend Marci, and my boss. They have made this trial so much easier to bare. I am so grateful for them. Secondly, I have been so ungrateful for having a car. I have been lucky enough to live within walking distance of work, but the store and church are other circumstances. There has been buses that can take me places, but I never realized when not have a car to easily go to these places that they take a substantial amount of time out of my day. The other day I had to go get groceries so I hoped on the bus. Getting there was not a problem, but the adventure I had on the way home was one to put to memory if ever I am taking my car for granted again. The last thing I learned in this is how trapped and depressed I feel when I don't have a car. I was depressed for a few days after it happened and would cry very easily, but I went to this seminar at work that had these three questions with 'what' in them. The one that stood out to me was "what now?' I realized that I was pitying  myself and need to take care of things and move on. In saying that it was a little easier said then done, but I am moving on. I am still learning things from this experience, but these of the ones that made the most impact on my life right off the bat. So, until my next learning adventure...

Also, my theme song for this experience/this year. is Beauty from Pain