Sunday, May 29, 2011

RIP Betty

For those of you that don't know, I got in an accident the other day. I was on my way home from work and some guy rear ended me when I was stopped for a light. I am fine, a little whip lash, but fine. But Betty, my car, is not.
So here is the story,
It was Friday 27th at about 4:44pm and I was almost home from work. I was on my hands free talking to my sister about how great of a day I was having and she was telling me about her birthday a few days previous. I was stopped at a light, when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the car behind me. It was going kinda fast and I was thinking that he is going to hit me. Thats when I heard the screeching tires and felt the jolt of the actual hit. He rammed me into the car in front of me. I don't remember that last part of the conversation with my sister (sorry), but I told her that I would have to call her back. She asked if I was okay and if I had gotten into an accident. I said yes and I would call her back. Come to find out later she got off the phone with me and called our mom to tell her and told her not to worry, that I was okay, and to give me ten minutes before she call me. Anyways, back to the accident, I was shaken and shocked. I finally pulled myself together to get out of the car and talk to the two cars. We pulled into a parking lot right by the scene to get out of the way while we waited for the cops. It was a little difficult to drive my car given the fact that the rear bumper was rubbing against the tire. Finally the cop came and asked what happened and took our information. We had to wait a little more for her to get it all together and enter it into the computer. The guy that hit me was found at fault and my car was towed away. The next day was when the adrenalin was gone and I could feel the pain. My neck hurt the most. That night I went to the ER to go get checked out. The took x-rays of my neck and lower back. They came back with no fractures. They said that I will just be sore for a few days and gave me muscle relaxers. Now I am just trying to figure out things with the insurance agencies. I've talked to mine, but I have not talked to the guy that hit me insurance. 
After it happened I was already being taken care of by the Lord. I had to walk home from the accident, which was close but still far, but as I was walking home a lady that had seen me by my car stopped and offered me a ride home. Later that night I talked to my roommate and found out that next week was have similar starting times for work, so I can still make it to work. Also a few amazing people from work said they could pick me up for work too. I have had people around when I need them and I am not badly hurt. The Lord truly looks out for His children! Thank you everyone that has helped me, and will help me in this trial. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

'Room' of Requirements

All you Harry Potter fans out there will understand this. I have a room of requirements. The saddest part of this is I have never used it! I am psycho, I know! Here is the story...

I live about a half an hour drive from work. Also, my friends live slightly farther past my work, so I take a specific route to and from those two destination quite a lot. Doing that once, sometimes twice a day, adds up. Something else that has been going up is gas prices. I kinda sucks, but it is one thing I have to live with. I pass A LOT of gas stations during this drive of mine. I have to admit that I don't take a second glance at some of them because they are usually a lot higher prices, but for the most part I notice a lot of them. In doing this I notice the changes in pricing fairly quickly. Every once in a while I notice this one gas station that is significantly lower then the other gas stations, but for one reason or the other I do not stop there. I only notice is every once in a while though. It seams to disappear on me quite a bit. The other day I saw that it was TEN CENTS CHEAPER then the rest!! But at last, it was Sunday so I decided to be a good girl and obey the Sabbath. Well, today is Monday (for those who didn't know this) and I decided that I was finally going to walk into my room of requirements! (yipee for me!) On my way to work this morning I kept my eye open for this mystery gas station. I must admit that my mind did wander some, so it was only expected that I did not find the gas station in question. Oh well, I still had my drive home. Did I find this gas station do you ask? I have no clue where it disappeared to! It only pops out at random moments! Do you see my frustration? Some day I will find my 'room' of requirements, until then I will have to settle for the next best thing, five cents less gas.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My New Splurge

So I went grocery shopping today (which was a long time coming, I need to make more time to go so I don't run out of food again.) As I was getting all my food I decided that I had enough money to get some ice cream. I was parusing through the many selections of yumminess, I saw this Talenti Gelato! It was a little more then I had planned on spending, but it was in one of my favorite (and a little difficult to find) flavor! So I splurged and got it! and OH MY GOODNESS! It is so good! This might be my down fall this summer, but I think this is my new favorite 'ice cream'!