Sunday, January 31, 2010

Damsel in Distress

We got about 6 inches of snow last night/today. I was coming home from a friends house tonight and I went to park in my parking lot, but there were no spots open. I went to take the ally to get to the other parking lot when I was about half way up the ally and I got stuck. I tried to back up and I got stuck again. I got out and attempted to push myself out but it did not work out so well. I decided that I needed some help, so I call my old FHE brother, Korbin. I told him that I was stuck in the ally and needed some help. I asked him to bring some other guys to help. So a few minutes later him and my other two old FHE brothers showed up. It took us 45 mins trying to push my car out. We finally got Cory's truck to pull me out. After a few failed attempts we finally got my car out of the ally!!! It was so funny, we were laughing the whole time! These men are amazing! I love that I am here at BYUI and have lots of men that are willing to come help a damsel in distress. I have learned some much in the last few months how to admit that I need help and accept it. God is funny at times. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who Said You Can't Have Fun At Walmart?

On Friday Amber and I were going to watch "The Princess and the Frog" but it was coming out to the cheap theaters the next weekend so we decided to wait. We still wanted to do a "date" so we just got in my car and made things up as we went. There was a new frozen yogurt place that opened up so we went to check it out. It was cute, but it was defiantly a couple's place.

After we were done sharing our frozen yogurt we headed over to Walmart to go "window shopping" It was so much fun to walk around Walmart with no intent to buy anything. We were just being crazy! We took a few pictures with my phone. Here they are....

We went to the nail polish section and choose a color for each other and ONE finger to paint! here we are with our crazy nails! (I got some "bling" on a certain finger ;) )

Next we tried on funky sunglasses, and then acted like models with them.

Then we choose both beret and necklace for the other and sported them for the camera.

Here we are in front of some mirrors. just so we can get the full picture of us.

After all our fun we went home and watched Marry Poppins. I got to lay down with my feet on Amber. If was fun, I feel asleep not even half way through. It was an all together fun night!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Party Food

So my birthday was the other day so I decided that I wanted to throw myself a party that weekend. Of course my mind goes straight to what food I want to make for it. Before I left home I took some small tart trays from my mom, so I wanted to use those. I decided on PECAN PIE!!! So here is a little picture time line of my amazing small pecan pies...

Here they are in the oven.

When they came out of the oven

Close Ups!

Here they are on a plate ready for everyone to eat them

Here is the table with all the food!!!

I make homemade S'mores along with the pecan pies. Homemade marshmallows (here is the website I took the recipe from: are the best! it makes S'mores so much more yummy!!!!!

EVERYTHING was so good!!! I love my cooking!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little Bit Warmer...

So lately it has been so cold here in Rexburg. Over the break I was trying to find out what to wear and my sister said that I should wear one of her tights. She had some teal ones and some purple ones. So when I get to Rexburg and it is so cold I actually get some for myself. I am in love with them! They make a lot of difference from the cold. I got some regular black ones and some brown ones, but my favorite ones are a can say non-traditional...take a look!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


For Christmas my sister Christina got my mom, her and I tickets to go see WICKED in San Fransisco!

We made it a girls night out. We went to Red Robbin for dinner and took BART into the city. It was Mom's first time on BART. it was fun! Here is Mom and I on BART.

Here all of us are with our tickets and the poster.

Now here is all three of us in our seats. We were so close! it was amazing to watch!

During Intermision Christina and I went up to the stage to see the details on the set. We took a few pictures with our phones. Christina got caught and yelled at. it was funny. here is the curtian for Wicked! and a very blurry Christina and I because we couldn't get a good one in before we were yelled at.

Mom bought me a t-shirt while we were there. I absolutly love it! I wear it all the time!