Friday, January 3, 2014

Week 2

Friday, December 13, 2013
 "So this last week has been crazy.  I have been affectionately calling it the MTC Roller Coaster.  There has been so many highs and lows just like a roller coaster.   But it has been a great ride.  I am a little sad that I will be leaving in three days, but I am also so excited!  I am leaving Tuesday morning and taking the train up to Ogden.  Sister Livingstone is so excited to go on a train, it will be her first train ride.
Class is going a lot better, we had a district inventory last Saturday night and clarified a lot of things and set goals on how we wanted to do things.  It helped a lot.  We are still really talkative, but we are super close too.  I am okay with that sacrifice. 
So a little bit about our District.  We are in Branch 1 of the MTC also know as a Zone.  We are District B of that Zone.  There are 2 Districts in our Zone and we all are close.  We always eat our meals together.
Funny story: One day we were running late to class so we all left the cafeteria at different times.  Everyone but two sisters got there on time.  We told our teacher that the two sisters where on there way, they were just dropping their dishes off.  When he heard that he turned to the Elders and said 'The Sisters were taking their own dishes?  Elders, I don't think you understand, you hold the priesthood!'  It was so funny.  Needless to say, the Elders have taken our trays ever since.  But back to my district, there are 8 of us, 4 Sisters and 4 Elders.  All but my companion and I are going to the New York, New York North Mission.  Elder Torgenson and Elder Sorrenson are companions and Elder Nielson and Elder Jessee are companions.  Sister Orme and Sister Nielson are companions and then Sister Livingstone and I are companions.  They our teachers are Bro. Derenthal and Bro. Bryan.  I like Bro. Derenthal a little better because he knows how to show me my weaknesses in a loving way so that I can work on them.
I have been learning so much.  It's sometimes overwhelming to try and implement everything into my lessons, but it's a learning process.  I am getting better.  I am learning how important missionaries are and also how important members help with that work is.  We had an in-field orientation seminar yesterday and they could not stress how important members involvement was.  So I invite everyone to talk to people, fiends, co-workers, anyone about the church.  Invite them to things and invite them to dinner at your place with the missionaries.  You never know when someone is prepared to hear and how their heart will be softened.  Mom and Dad, I am so proud of your openness to share and your experiences you shared with me. (Yes, Craig and I have been trying to do better and have more courage to open our mouths and share and invite!) Thank you for sharing them with me.  I was grinning from ear to ear when I was reading your experiences.  Thank you for sharing them with me! I love you all!  This is truly God's church restored onto this earth today.  I love the individuality that it holds and how much God loves me and each and every one of you!  Stay strong and don't be afraid to open your mouth about what you know and believe.  I promise you that someone is out there waiting for you to share this glad message!  Endure to the End and Merry Christmas!
Love with all my heart,
Sister Brooksby


Sister Livingstone and I.

Our District with our evening teacher, Brother Bryan.
From top left: Elder Jessee, Elder Nielsen, Bro. Bryan, Elder Torgenson, Elder Sorrensen.
Bottom left: Me, Sister Orme, Sister Nielsen, Sister Livingstone

Our District with our morning teacher, Bro. Derenthal.

Our whole Zone in front of the Temple.
The Sisters in my District.  Sister Livingstone and I pointing to Ogden and
Sister Neilson and Sister Orme pointing to New York.

Me with the map pointing to Ogden.

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