Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bread Bowls and Soup

My roommate Dianna wanted Broccoli Cheddar Soup a few weeks ago, so I made it for her. It was really good. The other day she turns to me and says "If I bought the ingredients again would you make that soup again?" Of course I said yes. We went to the store and got all the ingredients and while she was at work I went to work in my favorite place, the kitchen. I am so content to waste all my time in there. I wanted to try the soup in the slow cooker this time to see how it would turn out. Also I wanted to make bread bowls to but the yummy soup in. So I made my really good french bread recipe, but this time added some whole wheat flour to it to see how it would turn out. It turned out really great! I love not having to do dishes and being able to eat my bowl! Check out the soup for yourself, but as for the bread bowl I am keeping that recipe for my future bakery!   
 I pureed only half of it this time and that worked out really well. I liked a little chunkyer soup.
The final product!! YUMMY!

But Its an Onion...

I have been home a lot recently because I am only working part time, so I have been able to do a lot of crafts, cooking, cleaning and reading. Some of my cleaning has involved cleaning out the fridge. My roommates and I have been sharing food (more like they buy the ingredients and I cook it, which entitles me to get to eat it too) So I know what food has been there for a while and who has what in there. I have therefore deemed myself the fridge garbage disposal. The other day I found four onions that had not been claimed, so I wanted to do something with them and that means heading to pinterest for a recipe. I found these healthy onion rings! I was sold! The first time I only made one onion. They were so good!! I devoured the whole onion! The next time, which was last night, I wanted to make them again. I had three onions left. One was going to be for a soup I was going to make so I decided to make onion rings from the remaining two. I put on a movie to entertain me while I was making and eat them. I took a plate with some on it and ate some. A while later I went back for more. Then some more. After the movie I realized I ate all the onion rings! I just ate two whole onions!! When I told my roommate about it she said they were the size of an apple so it was like I ate two apples, but THEY WHERE ONIONS...anyways. They were good! Really good! Needless to say they were so good I didn't get a picture of them. Maybe next time. Until then, try them out for yourself. HERE is the recipe for them! 
Happy Baking!


 My roommate Elizabeth eating the yummy onion rings!

Homemade Nutella Twix Bars

Twix are my favortie candy bar of all time. I may change every once in a while, but I always come back to Twix. So when I found a homemade recipe for Twix I was so excited! I got some of the ingredients the other week but never made them, that is until today! They are so good! My friend was over and she helped me. The best part is I made my own caramel too! 
The caramel was a microwave caramel, so it was so easy and fast. Here is the recipe for it.

Then the fun part, the Twix bars!
This is the end product, I forgot to take picture along the way, sorry.
The website that I got the recipe from was better at taking pictures along the way though, so it will be better!
They are called Nutella Twix Bars

I hope you enjoy them as much as I am!