Thursday, May 27, 2010

The End of Something Great and The Beginning of Something Better!

I have officially graduated from college!!! Wow, I can't believe that four years has already gone by. For those who don't know, or are unsure, I graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho with a Bachelors of Science in University Studies. That includes a Minor in Culinary Arts, a minor in Home and Family Studies, and also a cluster (it's like a minor, but less credits) in Organizational Communications.

I graduated April 10, 2010! Most of my family was able to come up to share in this awesome experience! Thanks everyone! here are a few pictures of the event...

This is how all these pictures came about. Mom and Dad gave me a new camera for graduation!!! I love it! Thank you so much!

We through a party to celebrate and we had TONS and TONS of food! It was so good and so many people came...but we still ended up having lots of leftovers.

Krystal Sudweeks, Crystal Johnson, and I all graduated! 
The graduation cap! 2010 baby!
We got a little tired waiting to go out to commencement, so we sat down when everyone was standing up.

Me and my University! I did it! All 4 years.

Everyone watching my convocation. 
being slightly bored waiting to be called up to walk
I was the last person to walk, I know how to pick it
The whole gang that came to support me! Thank you all!
Mom, Dad, and I
Me and my Grandmas!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What If...?

"What" and "If" are two harmless words, but when you but them together the create a thought provoking question.

There is a wall in Vienna that girls from all over the world go to and write Juliet letters about questions in their lives. Juliet's secretaries write back to them. Sophie happens upon a letter that was lost for 50 years. She replies to the letter and a marvelous story and adventure sprouts from it. 

Tonight I went to see this movie and it was AMAZING!!! It was so cute! I recommend everyone to go see it. It is a romance movie, so if you have a special someone in your life this would be a great one to bring them to. If you are like me, without someone to call their own, you can wish that someday soon they will show up and brighten your world! 

Enjoy the movie!



Okay, so it has been FOREVER since I have updated my blog! Trust me I have attempted to several times but always I get distracted or pulled way from my computer. So much has happened to me since I last wrote. I have graduated from college, decorated two wedding cakes, attended three weddings and been a bridesmaid for two of those, traveled across country, and started working for Disney World! lots and lots of stuff!!! So I will be posting about all of the above as soon as I can, in the mean time here is a picture to prove that I am still alive! love you all!

(Of course I am always making a mess)