Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life is Like a....

So as most of you know I am now a college graduate and living in Florida (for those who have not figured this out, please refer to previous posts). I have been now living "in the real world" for about 9 months now. And I now know that college does not prepare you for life. I have been thinking, and I want to compare life to a roller-coaster. Yes, a roller-coaster. We wait in line to get on this wonderful roller-coaster. Sometimes that line is long, sometimes it is short. Once we are on the ride we go through a series of ups and downs, twists an turns, times when you are shouting for joy and times you are screaming to get off the ride. But all to soon the ride ends. What happens then? Did you really just get off the best ride ever? what did you make of it? Did you make friends with the people that were screaming next to you or where you to busy screaming to notice those around you?
Life is funny that way. Sometimes I love life. I am screaming with pure enjoyment! and then other times I am wishing we were on the last big turn I was just on and not the one that I am on right now. I want to get off the ride and maybe even start the ride over. But who would I miss the next time around? will they even let me on the next one? No, I think I will just wait it out. Maybe, just maybe I will like the next turn after this one. Maybe I will notice someone new to enjoy the ride with. Or maybe it will be worst then the loop I am in right now. That is the risk that I have to take, no, the risk I NEED to take. I need to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.