Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three for Three

So have I mentioned how obsessed I am with pintrest? well, I am. Today for dinner I had all recipes I found from pinterest! I am actually really proud of myself! I had a crockpot chicken tortilla soup. I changed it a little, but it was still amazing! (I added cream cheese to make it creamer!) You just add it all in and put on high for 6 hours! 
 I actually made it last night, so I just had to try a little of it before bed (even if it was 11pm). It was delicious!
 Today I made these really easy and good 7up biscuits. Again I adjusted to my supplies. Instead of sour cream I used half mayo and half milk, and instead of 7up I used my ginger ale. It turned out so flaky and yummy!
For dessert I made these really good Chocolate Chip Cookies. The secret ingredient is cornstarch, which intrigued me, so I had to try them. They were way good. When you taken them out of the oven they don't look done, but they continue to cook after they come out. 
All together a great meal!!! 

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