Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wakeing Up To a Hot Meal

Everyone dreams of having breakfast in bed. Or at least waking up to a hot meal that is waiting for you that you didn't have to wake up and make for yourself. Well, given the fact that I live alone, this is less impossible...or is it? I found my solution. The crockpot! Yes, I have fallen in love with my crockpot. I put ingredients in it and set it on low and then went to sleep, only to wake up to a hot meal! well here it is! I got the recipe from this website.
First you saute the onions and bell peppers (I did lunch turkey instead of bacon because that is what I had so I sauteed them in this step)
 In the crockpot you layer the hash browns and cheese and the onion mixture.
 On the top you add the egg mixture
 Close the lid and set it on low and go to bed.
 10 hours later....
 You have a hot meal to wake up to!
 Dish it out and enjoy. 
I forgot to add the milk so I think it could have had a little more flavor to it, but I ended up putting salsa on it and it taste fine. Next time I will add all the ingredients. 

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