Saturday, October 29, 2011

St Augustine, The Oldest Town In The U.S.

My friend Emily and I have become adventure buddies! So last Saturday she asked me if I wanted to go to the cost with her. So we headed to St. Augustine, the oldest surviving town in the United States! It was awesome! Here are a few of the things we saw.
This is the parking garage we parked in. I love it, because it has all the info on it!
The original gates of the city.
 Oldest drug store
 They had all these shelves of the old medicines and contraptions of the old day.
 They even had sarsaperilla!
 The oldest school house
 We tried to go in the see, but we had to pay for tuition, and I had already been trough school, but the shop right next door was handing out diplomas, so we grabbed on.  
 there was a chocolate store that I had to go in and I found this sign. It was to cute to not take a picture of!
 The oldest house, you also had to pay to go in, so we just looked around.
 I'm holding the fort down. ;)
 We could never get it just right, either I was to far up or to far down. oh well, it was fun trying to do it. And Emily was a good sport!
Next we went to the original Ripley's Believe It Or Not. It was awesome!
 This was made from a man that worked at the Chicago airport and found all these locks there and made this big lock. 
 This was made from ivory!
 We tried walking to the fountain of Youth, but it was closed when we got there! Youth is so hard to come by now a days... But I got this cool picture as we were walking there! 
 We went to go see this lighthouse that was just across the river. we were not totally sure which street to turn on so we picked one. Good thing we picked the one we did or else we would not have found this sign! Best directions ever!
All together it was an amazing day! Thanks Emily for a wonderful adventure!

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