Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lost and Trying to Find

About three years ago one of my FHE brothers in college had this picture out and I feel in love with it! By the end of the semester he had found a postcard with it on it and gave it to me. I have it hanging up in my room always. Lately it has been falling down (I don't know how it does, but it does). I then pick it up and put it back on the wall, only to find in a day or two it is back on the ground. Today I find it slightly tilted, making another jump to it's seemingly favorite spot. I have been setting starring at it, wondering why it always ends up on the ground. Then I took a little better look at it and remembered how much I love the picture. How the boy looks so lost and ready to quite with his bags packed and his dark clothes. How Christ is just sitting there talking to him trying to help him find his way again. How the background is so beautiful with its trees and the little winding path. I just love the whole picture.

I have been going through a lot in the past month and a half, that I feel like this boy sitting on the bench with my bags pack not sure where I belong and ready to run. But, I am certain that the Lord is on that bench with me trying to tell me that everything will be okay, and the things will work out in the end. All I have to do is have patience and trust in Him. I am just waiting for the thing He is preparing me for with all these trail I have been through this year alone.


  1. Yes. Hang in there. I love you!

  2. It always seems that a rainbow follows a great big storm. I agree with mom, hang in there because the rainbow will be coming. Love you tons