Saturday, January 2, 2010


For Christmas my sister Christina got my mom, her and I tickets to go see WICKED in San Fransisco!

We made it a girls night out. We went to Red Robbin for dinner and took BART into the city. It was Mom's first time on BART. it was fun! Here is Mom and I on BART.

Here all of us are with our tickets and the poster.

Now here is all three of us in our seats. We were so close! it was amazing to watch!

During Intermision Christina and I went up to the stage to see the details on the set. We took a few pictures with our phones. Christina got caught and yelled at. it was funny. here is the curtian for Wicked! and a very blurry Christina and I because we couldn't get a good one in before we were yelled at.

Mom bought me a t-shirt while we were there. I absolutly love it! I wear it all the time!

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  1. Oh my goodness! We are going to talk about every part of it! I got that same shirt when I went! I don't know where it is now. maybe home. I should get it sent to me so we can be twins one day!