Sunday, January 17, 2010

Party Food

So my birthday was the other day so I decided that I wanted to throw myself a party that weekend. Of course my mind goes straight to what food I want to make for it. Before I left home I took some small tart trays from my mom, so I wanted to use those. I decided on PECAN PIE!!! So here is a little picture time line of my amazing small pecan pies...

Here they are in the oven.

When they came out of the oven

Close Ups!

Here they are on a plate ready for everyone to eat them

Here is the table with all the food!!!

I make homemade S'mores along with the pecan pies. Homemade marshmallows (here is the website I took the recipe from: are the best! it makes S'mores so much more yummy!!!!!

EVERYTHING was so good!!! I love my cooking!


  1. yummy!! I wish I could have some of that pecan pie. I love pecan pie! I hope you had a fantastic birthday!!!

  2. Those pies look so beautiful!! They could be in a food magazine!