Monday, December 7, 2009

Smore Cake

Ok, so my computer is not working and I have not been able to post in a long time even though I have some really great ideas! I am just doing a quick post for now. I am doing great and school is awesome!

In the beginning of the semester I went on a date with my guy friend (who is now going to marry my roommate) and we made smores and had TONS of fun! After that I told him I would make a cake in the shape of a smore, so his birthday is tomorrow but we through a party for him on Saturday and I made the cake! It turned out so good. Very fattening, but so yummy! I used yellow cake for the gram crackers, brownies for the chocolate and 7 Minute Frosting (that tastes like marshmallows) for the marshmallow. And here it is!!! doesn't it look great!?

Here is Andrew with his cake! He loved it so much!


  1. Cute Cake Kimmy! Now I want you to post your final cake from our class!!!

  2. I will when I get a computer to put the pictures on. So it will be in a week or so.