Friday, September 3, 2010

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!!

The first two months I work at Typhoon Lagoon I worked at Happy Landings, which is our ice cream shop. We sale sundaes, cones, and the infamous Garbage Pail. It has Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, carmel, strawberry sauce, waffle cones pieces, walnuts, oreo pieces, whipped cream, sprinkles and cherries all served in a sand pail to be eaten with a shovel. 
Of course I had to get a picture with me and my first Garbage Pail!!!
This one I actually came with Ashley to Typhoon Lagoon before I had to go to work. She hung around until I went on break and I met up with her and we came and got a Garbage Pail. Half way through she tells me that she is not a sweets person...yicks! I was determined to finish the thing by myself. Needless to say I had to go back to work before I could get the whole thing done. I was so sick from eating to fast and I had to go back to Happy Landings to work. It was pain to look at that ice cream after that.

Typhoon Lagoon is not the only place that has a big bowl stuffed with ice cream...we have the Kitchen Sink!
One evening my roommates and I got a few people together and we went to try to devour this monstrosity. Here is a few pictures of the night and our conquest.
It starts by going to the Yacht and Beach Club resorts and finding the restaurant Beaches and Cream.It's small so you may have to wait to get in. We found a lounge right by to wait in the air-conditioning.  
Then you look for the Kitchen Sink on the menu and order it!! YUMMY!!
After all you need to do is take some random pictures while you wait. Like these...
I took a lot of really random pictures and Christian was the only one paying attention and smiling in ALL of them. Way to be the star Christian
Jenna and her BIG green eyes! I love you!
Now when it arrives you must hold off for a few minutes while you get a group picture with it
 and then you have to be selfish and take a picture by yourself with it. (he he he you could fool people with it saying you ate it by yourself later)
But everyone knows you shared :)
And NOW you can dig it!
Then the question comes...."Did you finish it?"...Well did we?...
Soooo Knocked Ooovveeerrrr!!

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  1. YUMMY! I love ice cream and would have been in heaven eating this :)