Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Walk on the Wild Side

So being in Florida is all grand and everything, but I was beginning to miss my family so I broke down and requested time off and bought a ticket to California!
 I flew out on Saturday September 11th. And let me tell you I had an amazing experience. I had just got to the airport around 8:30am and was almost to the security bag check when a security person went through and ordered everyone to stop what they were doing. Most of the guest waiting to get through were puzzled, and I was one of them. We asked one of the security people what was going on, and they replied that they were having a moment of silence. It was amazing! It was so profound and reverent in that busy airport. It was a privilege to be there for that. There was so much respect for the people that gave their lives on those airplanes and on the ground on September 11, 2001.
(The view from the airplane. This is Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.)

When I got to California I wanted to go to Yosemite, so one Monday my mom, dad, and sister Christina all went to Yosemite. 
(mom, me, and dad below Bridalveil Falls)
(There was not very much water coming off the falls. I was a little disappointed about that.)
(My dad and I at the top of the trail for Bridalveil with the little water that was coming down in the background)
(Christina eating Subway for lunch at Yosemite)
(My parents with their lunch. Dad wanted to eat by the river, but the fence was blocking us from it so this is the closest we could get.)
(Christina looking crazy)
Of course dad has to fish while we are up here. We left him for a few hours but when we went to go get him he was not done fishing. So we hung around and I took a few pictures
(dad fishing when we first got back to him)
(Mom got comfortable, she know this might take a while)
(Me just goofing around. You can see my dad still fishing over my shoulder.)
(I love this picture of my dad fishing)
So I was sitting on a rock reading my book when my dad yells my name. He had caught a fish and wanted me to take a picture of it. I tried but I was to far way. This was the best one I could get. So I tried to run as fast as I could over the rocks without falling or cutting myself. Just as I got to him and looked up the fish swam away. It was so sad.
(you can see the little splashes from the fish in the water)
So I stayed closer to him after that. He finally did catch another fish!
(catching the fish with the net)
The man with his kill (well sort of, he let it go after)
(I was so proud of him!)
Here are a few of the pretty pictures that I took while on our trip
(Half Dome)
(A random tree and the river)
(The river by Happy Isles)

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