Thursday, September 6, 2012

Change Date

When Dianna and I first moved into the same room we had this jar of pennies, so we decided to collect all our change till the end of the summer and right before Dianna left me to go teach children in China we would go on a change date. The week before she left me we decided on the Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant to spend our change. It was so good! Here are the pictures to document it!
Dianna here, really really excited to be there! 
 Me enjoying the really good bread!
 Here is Dianna with your steak and potato. 
 Me and my stake with a portabello mushroom on top. It was so good!
 We went all out and got dessert!
 Dianna LOVE chocolate and was really excited about it.
It was a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and chocolate topping, served with ice cream. 
Me enjoying the yumminess! 
 Counting out all the coins
 To help myself we bundled the coins in sets 
 Lots of coins, lots of counting.
 I put them in a message for our waitress. 
 The whole time Dianna was just laughing at me. 
 I left a pass along card and a note for our little friend. I hope she enjoyed it or at least got a laugh out of it. 
All in all I had a fabulous time! It was such good food and great company! Must do it again!

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