Sunday, July 8, 2012

Candace's Trip

Every once in a while I get the chance to have my friend Candace come and visit me from Canada (she would be living here if she had the chance). This last time though she visited for a week, then left for about two weeks and then came back for a few days with her family! it was amazing! When she first got here we had the chance to visit Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach on the same day. At Blizzard my roommate Elizabeth met up with us and she had a waterproof camera so we got so cool pictures from that. This first one is riding the ski lift.
Here we are in line to ride Summit Plummit. It is a straight drop ride. Candace wouldn't go down it because she had gone down it the week before with some other friends. 
A group shot with the view from the top of Summit Plummit
At the end of the family raft ride they had this "hidden mickey" up so we got the photopass person to take our picture.
Playing on the lazy river
I am on crazy person. I still have no clue where it comes from.
Candace wanted to just float along and was going to slow for me so I gave here a little push to get her caught up.
Trying to take pictures under water. Here is Elizabeth's
Plugging our noses...
Trying to get all three of us in the photo...
I love Candace's and my smiles
Sitting on the side of the lazy river.
After we finished Blizzard, Candace and I went out to the Cheesecake Factory. On the way there we saw this guy with and old school computer monitor on the back of is motorcycle. 
If you can't tell I got fried at the water parks! I was a lobster! But it was worth it! and the food that I got at the Cheesecake Factory was amazing! It was this Hawaiian salad thing.
Candace got a veggie burger with a fried mac&cheese ball thing on top of it. It was good too!
When ever Candace comes we always mark off at least one more Disney dinning from my list. This time it was Ohana's. We did breakfast. It was good. Here she is waiting with are buzzer. 
Us together! we are so cute!
At our table. We got a very good seat by the window!
It was a character dining! Here Candace is with Stitch!
Me with Stitch!
Both of us with Mickey Mouse!
It was buffet style, but they brought it to your table and you picked from the choices. It was all very yummy.
  Candace with our view. 
Lilo and I
After breakfast we hopped on the monorail to go to Epcot. Candace really wanted to get on the Advengers monorail and we almost didn't make it but once we told the guy we really wanted to ride it he let us on. We even got on the Hawkeye one, Candace's favorite!
They had a Brave station set up. When we were trying to take this picture it started to rain. You can see the people running to try and get out of the rain. 
Here I am after taking the picture with the Brave sign and running for shelter. 
Hanging out in Canada! I made us try on these hats!
Candace is in love with this band that plays in the UK named British Revolution. 
Here they are playing!
This is made out of sand! I am impressed with what Disney does sometimes.
One of our nights in we wanted popcorn. I remebered someone giving me this package with a dried out corn cob and a paper bag where you put the cob in the bag and pop it for a few minutes and it turns out great. So we tried it. 
It turned out being amazing! now I need to find out how to get my hands on more of it!
Me cooking in my kitchen. I was making pizza.
My roommate Elizabeth made pot roast a few night before and said we could eat some, so we decided to put it on our pizza. It ended up being amazing! It is probably one of my new favorite pizzas!
Playing hand and foot!
  One of our last days together we went to Hollywood Studios and ate at Mama Melrose's to eat. Candace got pizza
And she got her first drink at Disney. (funny story about that one, but we wont get into that.)
I got pasta. It was way good.
When we were walking to go draw I randomly spotted the evil queen hanging out, so Candace took a picture with her.
Drawing class! One of my favorite things to do!
While I was at work Candace went to Star Tours weekend and meet Darth Mall. She wanted to look scary, but she was so intimidated by him she just looks almost bored.
Here she is with her future husband, Prince Naveen
We always have this list of things we have to do when she comes, and one of them is throw coins in the toll booths! 
It took us a long time to find one, but we were so happy when we did!
Eat Corn dogs! another thing on our list!
We both got these way cool mugs. Mine is the green on in the background
Last night playing hand and foot. I am looking something up on my phone, I am not sure what though. 
Here is a few weeks later when Candace came with her family. They were staying in Pop Century so one night we went next door to Art of Animation to play cards in one of the cozy cones in the Car's section.
Here we are!
This is me and my fiancee....Naw, I just like him for his body! I love it!
 I always have so much fun when Candace comes to visit! I can't wait for the next time, but hopefully the next time we are together I am in Canada with her!!

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