Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Elizabeth's Day

On May 5th Elizabeth had a birthday! We had to celebrate, so we headed over to Magic Kingdom to ride some rides and watch Wishes (which is her favorite firework show at Disney)

Here we are on the monorail heading into Magic Kingdom. We were very excited. We tried to monorail surf and just messing around. It was all fun and games, then people got onto the monorail with us. Being just hyped up we still messed around. There was an older couple that got on that we started talking to. They were getting a kick out of us, they said we should get payed to ride the monorail and entertain people. 
 Elizabeth holding on for dear life as we sail on the highway in the sky.
 Not wanting anyone in our same car.
 Let the Memories begin! A start of a great year for Elizabeth!
 All three of us
 In front of the castle. I was trying to take a picture with my excellent talent of the one arm camera picture taking technique, but then the Photopass guy that was there offered to take the picture. It was funny. He said it was Facebook profile picture worthy. We were suppose to add him as a friend and tag him in it, but I couldn't find him. oh well...
 Messing around in the Swiss Family Treehouse
 At the top of the treehouse we had an awesome view of the castle so we stopped to get a picture with it.
 Posing for a cute shot 
 Dianna was trying to get a picture or jumping, but my camera could not do a flash when I was on multiple picture taking mode and it was getting dark, so this was the best picture I got. next time.
 Elizabeth was scolding Dianna for some reason, I don't remember now, but it makes for a funny picture.
 All of us. I love this picture!
 Elizabeth was messing with her hair, and I happened to be messing with my camera, so this is the end product of those happening at the same time. I still think she is hot in the picture though.
 Dianna wanted to jump in on the random pictures
 Here is our skipper for the Jungle Cruise. She was good. Probably on my top ten favorite Jungle Cruise skipper list.
 Next we headed over to the Laugh Floor. Elizabeth loves this attraction.
 Just waiting to be let into the actual Laugh Floor part.
 We had a really good view of the Fireworks. It was such a good night! Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

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