Thursday, May 31, 2012

Disney's Art Of Animation Resort

My roommate Elizabeth got Full Time at Walt Disney World's newest resort Art of Animation as a front desk cast member. It opened today May 31, 2012. But she is an amazing person and got a test room during before it actually opened. Of course she invited us to to join her. It was truly amazing!
We stayed in one of the family suits. It accommodates up to 6 people, but there was only 4 of us. We stayed in the Finding Nemo building. There will also be Cars, Lion King and Little Mermaid, but those are still under construction and will be opening soon.  
Here Elizabeth is in the master bedroom.
This is the living room, the couch pulls out to be a bed (as you will see later in one of the photos) and it is actually really comfortable! Oh, and that is Dianna in the picture doing her hair.
Here is one of the bathrooms. The Mirror says "Fish are friends..." it does not finish the quote of "not food" because they serve fish in the quick service restaurant there. 
Outside of the building are the seagulls from the movie. They were suppose to say "mine, mine" but they decided that it would be to annoying for the guest close to the stairwell. 
Here is The Drop Off, which is the bar. Kids shouldn't be taking to the drop off as Marlin so nicely puts in the movie.
This is the Big Blue Pool. It is the biggest pool in the resort. Also it is gated, so only the guest at this resort can enjoy it, a room key is required to unlock it. It is really cool, there is music that plays under water. Also Nemo and friends talk to you every once in a while. I was the only one to here them do so while we were there. It was way cool!
Dianna and Elizabeth got there before I arrived so Elizabeth showed Dianna around and then Dianna showed me around. 
They had these up around the main entry way. It is really cool.
Front Desk area. This is Elizabeth's new domain. 
Me posing with some of the drawings. 
I hadn't eaten in a while and was hungry and wanted a snack before our dinner time, so Dianna and I went to buy something. She found this cupcake and wanted it, so we got it to split. 
I wanted something a little healthier before the cupcake so I got me some of my great greek yogurt! It was yummy! 
Dianna loves Lion King so she had to pose in front of the Lion King section. This was the best we could get though, you can kinda see Simba in the background.
Showing it all off!
On the sides they had sketches of different characters. Dianna was mimicking Timon. 
Both of us with Timon
The ends of the buildings where notepads with characters drawn on them.
They had random facts on signs so Dianna and I posed with them. 
Who would have guest? Not me..
Squirt and I hanging out.
Dianna and I playing on the slides 
Ray way in front of our building so we took a picture with him. After I got this picture Dianna and I both said this would be a great profile picture. I guess great minds think alike. But I do love this picture!
The next set of buildings that will be opening up will be Cars. They had a tour set up to see some of the rooms in this one.
You can see Radiator Springs all set up and ready to go! They even have the Cozy Cone Motel.
Me and Doc Hudson. 
Both Dianna and I with the Doc.
My failed attempt at taking a cute picture of both of us with the sign for Radiator Springs.
Guido was on the side of the Cars building. I love Guido! You can see they are a progression photo shot. So it looks like Guido is juggling the tires.
The table in the rooms in the front dinning area pulls down to be a bed (this is the bed that I slept on in the Finding Nemo suit we were in), but I loved that they had Mator sleeping there. 
I got a kick out of the shower curtain. It is Red spraying off McQueen to clean him. 
As part of the room they gave us meal tickets to eat at the quick service. We had to get certain things to eat, but it was good all the same. Here is our lovely array of food. 
A create your own pasta, which Had whole wheat Linguine with pesto sauce, sausage, broccoli, and sun-dried tomatoes.
A create your own salad, which was basically a ceaser salad with shrimp on it.  
I forgot what this was called, but it was shrimp and tofu with naan bread
Mahi Mahi with Squash 
Here are all our desserts that we shared. They were all good, but I was pretty stuffed after dinner!
Elizabeth enjoying the dessert.
Just hanging out in the room.
Lona finally got off work and joined us. Here she is with Mr Ray.
It was dark, but we are with Crush.
In the hall ways of the buildings there were these murals, so Lona and I took turns taking pictures with them. Here she is trying to catch a ride with Mr Ray.
Me hanging out with the seagulls.
Lona loves Dori!
I touched the butt!
Lounging around in the room
All of us together!
Roommates! We are so cute!
We decided to watch a movie, but part way into it Elizabeth went to bed, and then a little bit after that Dianna went to bed, so it ended up that Lona and I were the only ones who watched it. 
Elizabeth chilling on the pull out bed. (which was really comfy)
Lona just goofing off!
Here is my breakfast. I had the viggie breakfast sandwich with a pineapple smoothie and I got the eclair and Fuze, but ate those later that day for snack.
Dianna and Lona with their breakfasts! 
Lona got a build your own omelet 
Dianna with her breakfast. It was the breakfast platter which had eggs, bacon, potato wedges and naan bread. 
Elizabeth didn't eat with us, but she got chocolate chip pancakes. 

It was amazing experience! Thank you Elizabeth for working there so we could enjoy this wonderful night! This resort is amazing!

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  1. Darn. Going to Pop soon and though I totally will check out this resort, I'm bummed I can't get near the Big Blue. I don't want to swim in it though, just sit near it.