Wednesday, March 14, 2012

But Its an Onion...

I have been home a lot recently because I am only working part time, so I have been able to do a lot of crafts, cooking, cleaning and reading. Some of my cleaning has involved cleaning out the fridge. My roommates and I have been sharing food (more like they buy the ingredients and I cook it, which entitles me to get to eat it too) So I know what food has been there for a while and who has what in there. I have therefore deemed myself the fridge garbage disposal. The other day I found four onions that had not been claimed, so I wanted to do something with them and that means heading to pinterest for a recipe. I found these healthy onion rings! I was sold! The first time I only made one onion. They were so good!! I devoured the whole onion! The next time, which was last night, I wanted to make them again. I had three onions left. One was going to be for a soup I was going to make so I decided to make onion rings from the remaining two. I put on a movie to entertain me while I was making and eat them. I took a plate with some on it and ate some. A while later I went back for more. Then some more. After the movie I realized I ate all the onion rings! I just ate two whole onions!! When I told my roommate about it she said they were the size of an apple so it was like I ate two apples, but THEY WHERE ONIONS...anyways. They were good! Really good! Needless to say they were so good I didn't get a picture of them. Maybe next time. Until then, try them out for yourself. HERE is the recipe for them! 
Happy Baking!


 My roommate Elizabeth eating the yummy onion rings!