Friday, February 11, 2011

REWIND: Three weddings, Two cakes, Two bridesmaid dresses, on One road trip!

I had three friends get married between the time I graduated and the time I had to report to Disney World. I made the cake for two of them and I was a bridesmaid for two of them. I took two weeks to get from Rexburg ID to Manteca CA, Manteca to Simi Valley CA, California to Seabrook TX, Texas to Orlando FL, and accomplish all of this. My mom and I drove the whole way. It was an amazing experience to share with my mother and I loved every minute of it. So here is the timeline for you in pictures and little descriptions to go with it.

Here was the first cake. Anton and Breanna Keller's cake. They told me to have fun with it, so it was a square, circle, and heart. (only the heart was actual cake. The rest was rice crispies)
side view
Anton Alder and I at the wedding
This is me on the way back to California. (I no longer live in Idaho at this point. Sad day)
I left Idaho to beautiful, sunny days only to get stuck in California in a blizzard, irony, I think so.
My nephew Porter trying on my hat. He was so cute!
My sister Brittney (and Porter's mother) then tried on the hat. Porter wanted it back. 
Brittney and I baked. Here are our scones. We cute them into shapes. it was fun!
The whole clan at dinner! Yum! that was a great meal!!!
Cake Two! Jillian and Andrew Carter's cake. 
The Bride-to-be!
I was a bridesmaid for this one. Here I am with my mom waiting outside the temple.
Two of the groomsmen, and two hot men! They are great guys!
The couple! they were so happy and so cute!
Jill's parents (and my adopted parents)
Bridesmaids! Amber, Brianna, and I
SHOES! This was after the temple and we went to this little ice cream store. it was a good little get away.
The final cake! (I must say I did an amazing job!)
Decorating the car! (hey, Amber where did those oreos go?)
After the wedding my mom and I went to my sister Brittney's house in Riverside. We did a lot of baking there too. This was our Banana stuffed french toast. 
Then we made Orange Chicken for dinner
This was my favorite part, Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Porter went from person to person trying to mooch off some ice cream. He liked it too.
Porter and I!!
Mommy and Porter
On the way to Florida mom and I stopped at some National Parks. Came to find out that it was national park week so we got into all of them free! sweet deal! This was Joshua Tree. We just drove through this one really.
Mom and I
Next was Guadalupe Mountain. 

Right next to Guadalupe Mountain was Carlsbad Caverns. I think this one was my favorite.
We went 750 feet down into the earth to these caverns. they were so pretty and cold (which was a nice break from my hot, non-air conditioning car)
This is me in the caverns. it was dark down there! We took a self guided 2 1/2 hour tour.
This is a little glimpse into the caves. We took a ton of pictures! Both my mom's and my camera batteries died, so towards the end we didn't get any pictures.
We got this little tour thing where they had numbered features that they had a corresponding story or fact about on this thing that you listened to. We only got one, so it slowed us down, but here is mom on it.
My turn!
When we got into Seabrook TX we stopped at Fuddruckers to eat. We sat in the Beatles booth.
This is me waiting at the temple at Kassie and Joe Hale's wedding
The beautiful couple! 
Bridesmaid number two. (I think my favorite bridesmaid dress yet. Grandma made them all in about a weeks time! Go Grandma!)
Us girls at the temple (Kellie was at home with baby Camren)
At the reception, all the bridesmaids and flower girls with the Bride!
How do we smile? Kellie could not learn so Kaydee had to jump in and show her how! this is one of the better ones.
Mom and I at the reception
After we left Texas we stopped in New Orleans to get Beignets on Bourbon Street. (a lot of the pictures that we took were lost, so this is the best one we got.) We even got to listen to a live blues band play as we ate.
We also decided to make another side trip to the Gulf of Mexico. 
It was a beautiful day! 
The first time I set foot in the Gulf of Mexico!
The sand was so white! So much different then the west coast. And nothing I was used to.
This was one of the best road trips that I have been on! By far the longest and most eventful! Love it! 

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  1. I want that orange chicken recipe. My mouth watered when I saw that picture