Friday, July 9, 2010

Young and Vivacious

So the other day at work a guest came up to our window and bought something. I was my usual "Disney" self. We had a trainee with us and as soon as the guest walked away he gave a suggestion of what we should have also said to the guest. I asked he why he did not say that when the guest was here. He relied that we were the "old-timers" and knew what we were doing. I told him that we were leaving that up to him because he was young and vivacious. He, in return, said that I was probably younger than him. I asked how old he was, and he said 20. I then asked him how old I looked. He guessed 18. I told him I was 22, needless to say he was shocked and didn't say much else on the topic. The moral of the story is that I look young and beautiful still!


  1. Or maybe just immature?
    Your loving, and much more mature brother