Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who wants a piece of America?

For my Art and Propaganda class final I had to analyze a piece of propaganda art and turn it into another piece of art. Of course I had to do something with food, so I choose to do a cake. 

The Object: A car

The Subject: America (notice the licence plate)

The Resource: A billboard

The Reason: To show that looks are not everything. So how did I go about doing this? Look at the cake! It is beautiful, but what is it made of? 

The Materials: CAKE! but...
for the cake it used...
Cake mix, Chicken Broth. Cream of Chicken soup, Cheese, Olive Juice and Tuna

for the the frosting:
Shortening, Powdered Sugar, lots of SALT, Olives (to look like chocolate chips), and Olive Juice.

The batter for the cake looked disgusting and smelt pretty bad too.

You could smell the salt in the frosting!

It was so nasty! When I went to present this to my class it was so funny. My teacher was so excited for it. I asked everyone if they wanted a piece of America and then distributed the cake out. I told everyone to wait till everyone had a piece before they would eat it. It smelt so bad that I am not sure how many people actually did take a bit. I liked the reactions that I did get from the class to. 

The Moral: Don't let looks deceive you. Always look into things before taking a bit.

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