Monday, March 8, 2010

How do YOU host a murder...with STYLE!

Friday, March 5th, 2010 a train left for Paris from Riviera #21, the apartment of Kimberly Brooksby. The occupants of said train where:

 Amber a.k.a. "Barbra" and Curtis a.k.a. "Khover",

 Steve a.k.a. "Wey" and Lindsay a.k.a. "Mary"

 Andrew a.k.a. "The Duke" and Jill a.k.a "Idelle"

 Cory a.k.a. "Mal", and Kimberly a.k.a. "Belinda".

As the train went on it's way they discovered that there has been a murder and one of above people was the culprit! If they got the person to confess, the rest would be able to walk free. All had motives, but who was the actual murder? We all assumed our rolls and went to the work to finding out the killer...

Discussion was hot as we went through the night!

All in all we had a fun night!!! There was great company, great food, and great fun! And the hostess even received a flower for the night!

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