Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Europe Shoes

From September 18th to October 2nd I was in Europe. I was not bringing much luggage, so I needed to pack light. I decided that I was only going to bring one pair of shoes, Toms. I went out and bought gray tweed Toms and wore them all over Europe!
 They went to two cities, London and Paris, and through so many different metro systems. Below is me on one of the platforms in London waiting for the train to come. 
 Mom had some Toms too that she brought, so when I saw that she was wearing hers too I wanted to take a picture, Dad felt left out and stuck his un-Toms shoes in the shot.
 They went through rain and shine. There were more then one morning I but my feet in wet Toms because they did not have enough time to dry from the day before. 
 They lasted the whole time! I love my Europe shoes!
Stay tuned for the next week or two to read about all the days and the things these shoes went through!

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