Monday, May 9, 2011

'Room' of Requirements

All you Harry Potter fans out there will understand this. I have a room of requirements. The saddest part of this is I have never used it! I am psycho, I know! Here is the story...

I live about a half an hour drive from work. Also, my friends live slightly farther past my work, so I take a specific route to and from those two destination quite a lot. Doing that once, sometimes twice a day, adds up. Something else that has been going up is gas prices. I kinda sucks, but it is one thing I have to live with. I pass A LOT of gas stations during this drive of mine. I have to admit that I don't take a second glance at some of them because they are usually a lot higher prices, but for the most part I notice a lot of them. In doing this I notice the changes in pricing fairly quickly. Every once in a while I notice this one gas station that is significantly lower then the other gas stations, but for one reason or the other I do not stop there. I only notice is every once in a while though. It seams to disappear on me quite a bit. The other day I saw that it was TEN CENTS CHEAPER then the rest!! But at last, it was Sunday so I decided to be a good girl and obey the Sabbath. Well, today is Monday (for those who didn't know this) and I decided that I was finally going to walk into my room of requirements! (yipee for me!) On my way to work this morning I kept my eye open for this mystery gas station. I must admit that my mind did wander some, so it was only expected that I did not find the gas station in question. Oh well, I still had my drive home. Did I find this gas station do you ask? I have no clue where it disappeared to! It only pops out at random moments! Do you see my frustration? Some day I will find my 'room' of requirements, until then I will have to settle for the next best thing, five cents less gas.

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