Thursday, February 4, 2010 gotta love them!

Ok, so I know this is not the point of this blog but I am going to complain for just a minute, but there is a happy ending to this story. So my roommates have been driving me up the wall! I know I have a lot to do with it, but it just makes me sad that we are not getting along at this moment. I love them all so much!! I have had a crazy semester so far. I am majorly busy with my last semester up here and I have been secretly dreading leaving and at the same time I can't wait to get out of here! So my attitude has been a little up and down these past few weeks. It seems that Satan is working extra hard on me right now. There has been some boys in my classes that seem to be making my life ruff by there feel to make up for lost testosterone, and my roommates seem to be expecting things from me that I don't know about till they blow up at me. But with all this coming at me all at once I can feel Heavenly Fathers presence more then ever! It has made me a little extra emotional (which I do not like) but I will take it. We had two Apostles at BYUI this last week and I was able to go to both of them. It was such a pleasure to be here and hear from them! Also I went to devotional this week, which I hardly ever do, and it made so much a difference in my out look on bad days. If you think you are having a bad day just think of a dog named Chollo who was ran over, had his eye popped out, taken away from home, shot 5 times in the head and neck, and buried alive. Looking at that I think I will never have a bad day ever again! I know this church is true and I love how it has blessed my life! I just want everyone that I love to know that. I consider myself so blessed. Trails come and I like to look at it that Satan is trying extra hard to bring me down because I am being so Christ-like. I will take each one with a smile and say "I am having a great day!" Thank you for everything you have EVER done for me Heavenly Father! I will forever be in your debt.

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